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Year 11: are you ‘happy’ to be leaving?

I am not sharing how many years ago I left school but my last day at school involved the obligatory assembly, shirt signing, notebook messages and a lot of photographs taken with a camera. One of those cameras that you wound on with your thumb Continue reading “Year 11: are you ‘happy’ to be leaving?”


#15MinForum: Tweet Your Way To The Top

Find out why I think twitter is brilliant for my teaching career.  Continue reading “#15MinForum: Tweet Your Way To The Top”

#15MinForum: ‘Flip It’ with Blendspace

Blendspace was the feature for this week’s #15MinForum led by Gareth. Despite the slow Internet (patience maintained) the growing audience still got a glimpse into how we could use it within our classrooms. Continue reading “#15MinForum: ‘Flip It’ with Blendspace”

#15MinForum: Build Your Own Website

Head of DT, Kath stepped into the #15MinForum spotlight to show colleagues how she has created and uses a website for her students.

Continue reading “#15MinForum: Build Your Own Website”

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