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Lesson study 2016 – reflection

Having now been through one full lesson study I can confidently say that this CPD pathway has certainly bought advantages to our teachers and our school. Would I do lesson study again? Most definitely. Continue reading “Lesson study 2016 – reflection”


Are my students actually learning?

The most effective way to test student understanding is to do it while the lesson’s still going. Take advantage of the moment. Continue reading “Are my students actually learning?”

#15MinForum: Engaging their minds

As a trainee teacher on placement and often for most NQT’s the number of behaviour strategies you have in your toolkit is crucial. To have a variety of techniques to use depending on the student or students you are dealing with, the situation and environment is key to the amount of teaching and learning that takes place in your environment.  Continue reading “#15MinForum: Engaging their minds”

2015 – Review Of My Year

2015 is over and to favour tradition it’s time to reflect and review. Here are my personal moments that I am most proud of from 2015, in no particular order: Continue reading “2015 – Review Of My Year”

#15MinForum: Tweet Your Way To The Top

Find out why I think twitter is brilliant for my teaching career.  Continue reading “#15MinForum: Tweet Your Way To The Top”

#15MinForum: ‘Flip It’ with Blendspace

Blendspace was the feature for this week’s #15MinForum led by Gareth. Despite the slow Internet (patience maintained) the growing audience still got a glimpse into how we could use it within our classrooms. Continue reading “#15MinForum: ‘Flip It’ with Blendspace”

#15MinForum: Build Your Own Website

Head of DT, Kath stepped into the #15MinForum spotlight to show colleagues how she has created and uses a website for her students.

Continue reading “#15MinForum: Build Your Own Website”

Risky Business

At my school we are lucky to have amazing students. They are polite, courteous and most are very hard working. Students at Tenby are kind, respectful and eager to learn. On my first day as Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning) I informed or reminded all our staff of this. Teachers here can take risks here and if it all goes wrong it is not the end of the world! Continue reading “Risky Business”

#15MinForum: Lollipop Sticks in Class?!

This week for our #15MinForum Anita stepped up to demonstrate how she uses lollipop sticks in her lessons as a questioning and assessment tool. Anita was one of our popular speed daters from our earlier #BringAndBrag CPD session.

Firstly the lollipop sticks are actually tongue compressors! Continue reading “#15MinForum: Lollipop Sticks in Class?!”

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