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My 2018 Pledge

2018 is all about getting fit for forty! Everyone I know who has already reached this age or, like me, is close to hitting this landmark feels the same – we still feel like 25 years old and wonder how this is happening already. Continue reading “My 2018 Pledge”

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Your wellbeing

Wellbeing continues to be a hot topic in 2017: work demands are high and so to are the number of teachers leaving the profession. What pledge will you make for yourself to maintain or improve your work-life balance?  Continue reading “Your wellbeing”

One of my most important teaching strategies – smiling!

Within seconds of getting out of my car I’ve smiled and said “good morning” to a colleague, by the time I’ve walked to my office at 07:00 I’ve smiled and spoken with three early bird students.  Continue reading “One of my most important teaching strategies – smiling!”

Year 11: are you ‘happy’ to be leaving?

I am not sharing how many years ago I left school but my last day at school involved the obligatory assembly, shirt signing, notebook messages and a lot of photographs taken with a camera. One of those cameras that you wound on with your thumb Continue reading “Year 11: are you ‘happy’ to be leaving?”

#15MinForum: Top 3 Breathing Exercises

Breathing techniques proved to be a different forum this week for our optional CPD programme. English teacher Val shared three breathing styles, which relaxed the group so much that we were ready to sleep at the end! Continue reading “#15MinForum: Top 3 Breathing Exercises”

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