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GCSE exams

Year 11: are you ‘happy’ to be leaving?

I am not sharing how many years ago I left school but my last day at school involved the obligatory assembly, shirt signing, notebook messages and a lot of photographs taken with a camera. One of those cameras that you wound on with your thumb Continue reading “Year 11: are you ‘happy’ to be leaving?”


#15MinForum: Stay exam stress free

Head of Year 11 Anthony Faulkner is leading on the intervention across his year group and was keen to share some of his knowledge and research on revision strategies and their impact on student progress. Continue reading “#15MinForum: Stay exam stress free”

#15MinForum: Gap Analysis

The Year 11 students are midway through mock exams so it’s apt that our first #15MinForum of 2016 shows us how to effectively create and use a gap analysis.

Continue reading “#15MinForum: Gap Analysis”

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