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Do international schools value quality teaching and learning?

The last day of the academic year and the last day at my second international school – it’s always the same – you’re wrapping up the year, clearing your office, delivering lessons, assemblies, planning for September and so on…you think you are in control and then boom! The final hour is here! Continue reading “Do international schools value quality teaching and learning?”


Are my students actually learning?

The most effective way to test student understanding is to do it while the lesson’s still going. Take advantage of the moment. Continue reading “Are my students actually learning?”

#15MinForum: Active learning

Deputy Head Jeff Ison got our #15MinForum active this week and shared theory and strategies for active learning in the classroom. Continue reading “#15MinForum: Active learning”

Teaching the teachers

Six of our outstanding practitioners taught a lesson to highlight assessment for learning strategies and examples of how to check for progress and understanding. Continue reading “Teaching the teachers”

#15MinForum: Stay exam stress free

Head of Year 11 Anthony Faulkner is leading on the intervention across his year group and was keen to share some of his knowledge and research on revision strategies and their impact on student progress. Continue reading “#15MinForum: Stay exam stress free”

EVENT: Tenby’s First #TeachMeet

As part of Tenby’s #CPD programme I will be hosting an internal #TenbyTeachMeet on Wednesday, 16 March, 2016.

A blanket session for all staff to attend and takeaway something new to use in your own classroom.

To find out more and sign up to present watch a short animation here. Continue reading “EVENT: Tenby’s First #TeachMeet”

CPD For Free

Our directed pathways are underway and it is not costing a ringgit. The whole school CPD programme covers: Aspiring LeadershipTeaching and Learning Team (Coaching); and, Lesson Study.

Continue reading “CPD For Free”

#15MinForum: Top 3 Breathing Exercises

Breathing techniques proved to be a different forum this week for our optional CPD programme. English teacher Val shared three breathing styles, which relaxed the group so much that we were ready to sleep at the end! Continue reading “#15MinForum: Top 3 Breathing Exercises”

#15MinForum: Tweet Your Way To The Top

Find out why I think twitter is brilliant for my teaching career.  Continue reading “#15MinForum: Tweet Your Way To The Top”

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