Wellbeing continues to be a hot topic in 2017: work demands are high and so to are the number of teachers leaving the profession. What pledge will you make for yourself to maintain or improve your work-life balance? 

I started to get involved with the hashtag #teacher5aday set up by @MartynReah  [photo credit] @teacher5aday at the end of last year. It focuses on wellbeing, and encourages you to consider what you do to promote wellbeing for yourself and others. 

Martyn asked me and other #teacher5aday tweeters to create a video with our personal recommendations to maintain a work – life balance. I’ve never created a video, it’s listening back and hearing your own voice that puts me off! But, being #10%braver it is out there, and I’m still smiling.

I would recommend Twitter to all teachers because it is fantastic for networking. You can link up with like minded professionals, share best practice and bounce ideas – which has on many occasions led to new initiatives, creativity in my own classroom and reflection on my leadership.


Watch my video here, and make sure you click here to find out what other teachers do to promote their wellbeing. Follow the hashtags and make your wellbeing a priority in 2017.