How do you engage a five year old while delivering a thought provoking message to an eighteen year old at the same time? How do you deliver a Christmas assembly even though not all your students celebrate Christmas? 

For the first time at Tenby Schools Penang, the last day of term united both primary and secondary schools in one festive assembly. To lead the maiden assembly successfully I approached with a flexible teaching style to simultaneously ensure the younger students’ mind was nurtured and the older age group was engaged.

The hall filled with more than 120 primary school children, some with a short concentration and others with a fidget habit, and 310 secondary and sixth form students, along with staff from across the campus.

Knowing it needed to be short and concise I kept it to our school’s international vision and mission.

Everyone discovered fun facts about the charming, often quirky, Christmas traditions around the world. From the sports hall we all climbed onto our imaginary sleighs and visited different cultures, countries, seasons and traditions. The nationality that seemed to get the students talking the most was the Slovaks who  keep their  Christmas dinner carp in the bath until it’s time to cook! [Ppt will be shared here].

“Golden Ticket” assemblies [adapted from @MrSallisTenby] are hosted at the end of each term and feature a theme relevant to the time of year. On this occasion it included:

> three awards for students who have gone above and beyond in terms of our school’s mission and vision. Presented by our Principal, myself as Head of Secondary and our Head of Pastoral;

> music from our talented school band;

> a compilation of video and photos to represent the vast opportunities our students have in and outside of the classroom, created by our Student Leaders;

> a rendition of Feliz Navidad for festive cheer and collaboration of all our students and staff, prepared in lessons and led by our Head of Music;

> a surprise video of all our staff from across the campus to wish our students a merry Christmas, created by one of our teachers [click here to view]

To feel the positive atmosphere in the hall, see the students recognise themselves or their teacher in the video and to be able to recognise the achievements of particular individuals altogether as one school was a fantastic end to the term, and a great start to my Christmas holiday.

Have a merry Christmas and a well deserved break, here’s to a successful 2017!