Head of Year 11 Anthony Faulkner is leading on the intervention across his year group and was keen to share some of his knowledge and research on revision strategies and their impact on student progress.Together with the research on high impact revision techniques Anthony created a survey for our year 11’s to find their own thoughts of what works for them and then shared it with us in the #15MinForum this week.


Flashcards in particular are proving to be a popular choice for revision at home and in booster sessions in school.




On the Cram site you can search for flashcards that have been already made and you can create your own. They generally work in the same format. Very easy to use and quick to create. Each site offer a mobile device app as well.

You can copy and paste key words and their definitions into the PDF format and literally press print once you have selected the size and some other options. Pop them on a key ring to use easily to flip from one to the next.

  • Set your students a task each week to create a topic of flashcards to then bring in to swap and trade to use with other students.
  • Usable in any subject.
  • Use them at the start and end of the session.
  • Parents can be involved and can be used with students at home.

For many of our students that have been identified for intervention it is their ability to retain the knowledge so creating specific key words and  definitions or questions and answers for your one mark exam questions, revisiting the flashcards is a motivating strategy to get started for your students.