Padlet was introduced to our largest #15MinForum group this week by Head of English Iain Davies.

Iain has been using Padlet to create platforms online for his students and staff to access easily. All the resources shared on the Padlet sites are accessible for home learning for students and staff for planning or sharing in class.

The easily created site allows a range of resources to be uploaded and attractively arranged. There is a choice of backgrounds to choose from as well as creating your own in line with your theme, making it personable, relevant to your topic and engaging for your student.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 08.33.15

A few examples of what you can include on your platform:

  • Multimedia links e.g. YouTube clips
  • Past papers
  • Model examples
  • Supplementary learning materials
  • Revision tasks/ideas

Iain suggests that directing his students to a video or a piece of literature on the site in preparation for the next lesson provides more focus and direction rather than just asking students to “research” a topic. He also recommends making a Padlet platform for each topic or unit of work as it is easier to locate the allocated resources. See here for the Hardy Unit and here for the Unseen Literature Paper.

The English department are using the platform in their own lessons, encouraging students to independently access the standardised resources. You can open and save any of the resources to your own computer to make amendments and you can print directly off the site.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 08.31.04
Click on one of the model examples to view

Keeping the site safe is easy just by selecting through the ‘stream option’ and clicking “can view” ensures that anonymous users cannot make comments, but only access the site itself. You are then the owner and the only person that can access the site to upload resources.

To make it possible to view which students have accessed which Padlet pages would be really helpful to the English department, and my research tells me that “Analytics” is coming soon to the Padlet site.

Take a look at the Padlet platforms in operation. If you have any questions or want help getting set up, speak to Iain.