The Year 11 students are midway through mock exams so it’s apt that our first #15MinForum of 2016 shows us how to effectively create and use a gap analysis.

Head of ICT, Andy Mellor, ran through an excel spreadsheet that he has used to identify gaps in his students learning. His spreadsheet provides meaningful data which will lead to individual actions and targets to be set, creating maximum impact over the next few months.

Andy has kindly offered to assist with any adaptations you may want to change to improve the spreadsheet for your own subject so do contact him.

Potential uses:

  • Identify gaps in student learning to provide accurate and specific exam content targets
  • Identify gaps in the teaching where you may want to revisit to embed learning
  • Accurate target grades can be provided
  • Use select sheets to share information at parent’s evening/SLC

Gap Analysis 1Sheet 1:

  • Names entered show the score for each question from the exam paper. Cells can be coloured coded, these can be shaded further depending on the number of marks each question is worth.
  • Total scores can be easily totaled and examination grade boundaries are used for accuracy within the spreadsheet.

Gap Analysis 2Sheet 2:

  • Click on the drop-down and you can select an individual student to create a personalized mark sheet displaying individual scores for each question/topic area and overall grade
  • All sheets information link throughout so that information does not have to be duplicated
  • Andy also has this linked to the printer so each student can take a copy once you have discussed their performance.

Gap Analysis 3Sheet 3:

  • A student summary provides data that can be shared with the student about their performance compared to their peers, a breakdown of each paper overall and their grade information.


Remember to copy and paste the files to your own space before playing with them so you don’t damage the originals!

If you are a Tenby member of staff find the spreadsheets here:

Z:\Secondary\iGCSE mock analysis

Speak to Andy if you are unsure, he lives in the ICT on the third floor opposite the staff room.

If you are not a Tenby member of staff, please comment and leave an email address as documents can be shared.

Thank you Andy!