Find out why I think twitter is brilliant for my teaching career. 

Twitter allows me to:

  • Keep up to date with latest educational changes
  • Borrow fantastic ideas from subject specialists for lessons
  • Read new research on education, pedagogy, your own interests such as CPD and leadership
  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Be enthused by the work happening and be inspired to try new practice.

@MissDolton introduced Twitter in our final #15minforum of the year this week and gave colleagues a tour of her own twitter page and explained the basics to get going on Twitter.

You may hesitate about Twitter but the real beauty is that you never even need to make a tweet! Literally set up an account and ‘follow’ twitter users that interest you in your field, they will share practice, thoughts and link you with other popular users through their news feed. Once you feel more confident in the whole process you can then tweet, which will increase your own followers!

Pam used  to explain the basis of how to set up an account;

First Steps

  1. Build an account and immediately start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, the name of your school.
  2. Add a picture of yourself. People want to see you. What type of picture – up to you.
  3. Listening always comes first – follow people and see how others use twitter to share ideas and resources.
  4. Don’t just tweet about yourself, talk to other people about their interests, too.
  5. Point out interesting things happening in your classroom (whatever form that takes) #Selfie!
  6. Share links to interesting and fun things in school and/or community.
  7. Promote your students’ stories, but be careful to maintain anonymity, particularly with kids.
  8. Be human. Show your personality.
  9. Talk about non-education stuff too, there is life outside your institution.

What is the @ all about?!

This is you! @MissDolton @MissClokePE @MsKatherineTIS are our usernames that users will see when you tweet or follow. If you use @ in a tweet they will see the tweet directly on their home page.

What is a home page?

Just like on Facebook, it is a running commentary in a chronological order of tweets that will appear when you log in to your account.

What is a #hashtag?!

A # is a key word within a tweet. As an example, anyone also tweeting #Reading #EAL can click on the hashtag and see who else has tweeted about this topic. Some hashtags are unique. Tenby PE and sport have their own #TenbyEagles as no one else in the world will potentially use it!

Twitter Hashtag
What is one of those hashtag things?!


What is a retweet?

retweet is a re-posting of someone else’s Tweet. If you retweet a tweet of someone’s you will share the tweet with your followers too. Often retweeting a tweet is seen as a compliment, it is a good way to increase your audience too.

What is the like button?

If you hit the like button it tells the user that you appreciate the tweet, but it won’t be retweeted to your own home page.

Using the ‘search’ option

You can type any word, hashtag or user in here and it will provide you with a list of further leads.

Take a look here 15 Min forum – Twitter for Teachers for further information and it suggests some excellent users Pam recommends to follow and which hashtags may be useful for you.

If you want to see Twitter in action, or talk about how you could use it professionally as an teacher or for your department then come and see Pam, Liz or Kat who will happily help you tweet your way through Twitter!

#15minforum will continue on Wednesday lunch @12:40hrs. Schedule will be published shortly.

Have a great break, Merry Christmas!