Blendspace was the feature for this week’s #15MinForum led by Gareth. Despite the slow Internet (patience maintained) the growing audience still got a glimpse into how we could use it within our classrooms.Blendspace is a tool where you can collate all your resources in one place, you can drag and drop files (YouTube, text, quizzes, images etc) into one place. Blendspace provides an easy link into Dropbox, Flickr and Google Drive to name a few.

You can create interactive content for your lessons at the click of a mouse. Create content in folders for your department and ‘collaborate’ so they can use in conjunction with your scheme of learning over a period of time – without taking up valuable space on your hard drive. Blendspace users also share thousands of lessons so you can search for numerous categories and find a video clip to suit.

Blendspace 2When you have created a selection, a code is provided that you can share with your students. This means they can access the multi-media specific to them anywhere.

  • I think this is invaluable. I am sure you’ve experienced students being set a research task where copy and paste has lifted the Internet word for word?! Ensuring they watch your specific videos and read specific text, they pull from it their own words for a write-up.

Set students a task to watch the YouTube clips and complete the interactive quiz in preparation for your next lesson with them – flipped learning just like that!

Advantages to Blendspace:

  • Organised research personalized to your student’s needs.
  • Plan lessons using interactive media.
  • Fun, easy, and visually appealing.
  • Inside each tile is an image, text, video clip, or resource, either original or from the internet.
  • Initial creation is easy.
  • Highly beneficial to auditory learners.

Blendspace is available on TES Global. Sign up for an account today!

BlendspaceCheck out the introductory clip on it’s only a 1:06 minutes long!