Head of DT, Kath stepped into the #15MinForum spotlight to show colleagues how she has created and uses a website for her students.

Kath’s preference is www.wix.com to get started. She also recommends checking out www.weebly.com

  • It’s free and easy to get started
  • Attractive, clean styles to choose from
  • Set up links straight through to your selected email address

The site allows you to easily create a bespoke website that you can drag and drop documents of various formats such as word, pdf and YouTube video’s. You can create links to all your documents and students can access all the information wherever they are!

Kath has implemented the option for students to be able to make comments on each other’s work that she uploads onto the student “gallery” page, enhancing opportunities for peer assessment.

Wix Website Design 2
Shared examples of students work that can be peer assessed

Creating the website for IGCSE and A level classes has meant students can access all the documentation such as Kath’s syllabus, success criteria, exam papers, YouTube videos and view great examples of work.

Uses for a department website:

  • Bespoke to your subject and year group
  • Post assessments, exam topics and key word glossary
  • Secure the pages to provide access to key students
  • Students can access work they may have missed
  • Drag and drop work to send to students to complete
  • Revision activities can be set up and sent
  • Model excellent examples of student work
  • Peer assessment
  • Communication between the group and you as the teacher

Create an account through www.wix.com and experiment with how you could use it!