Our top speed dater Ms Pillay from the English department took the stage in our first #15MinForum to show colleagues her creative Descriptive Travel Writing Game, which is a big hit with her students.The game is easy to set up and results in students being more confident to speak with peers – their sentence structure improves becoming more complex and their awareness of the English Language is developed. What more could you ask for?!

Ms Pillay in full swing just like in her English classroom
Ms Pillay in full swing just like in her English classroom

Following Ms Pillay’s demo and description discussion followed. MFL department were adapting it to use the game in different topics areas, keywords and tenses. Mathematics had changed the characters to Pythagoras and Archimedes (and others the non-mathematicians had never heard of!) and had adapted the playing board to work for them.

How to get started:

  1. Students get into groups of four. Each group is given a set of character cards and is randomly dealt a character.
  2. The game starts with the roll of a die. When they land in a space, students draw a chance card from the pile shown (setting, character or hurdles). They also draw a key feature card.
  3. Using these, they create a descriptive sentence or sentences.
  4. Once the game ends, they come together as a group and sort, edit and compile their journey.
  5. The game ends when either one member or everyone reaches home.
  6. Let the writing task begin!

To download the resources for this game click on this dropbox link.

It was a great start to our programme of forums as enthusiastic staff listened and the flames were lit. Thank you Ms Pillay!