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October 2015

#15MinForum: Descriptive Travel Writing Game

Our top speed dater Ms Pillay from the English department took the stage in our first #15MinForum to show colleagues her creative Descriptive Travel Writing Game, which is a big hit with her students. Continue reading “#15MinForum: Descriptive Travel Writing Game”


#15MinForum Lunches

The #BringAndBrag speed dating session was such success it has inspired the next opt-in CPD sessions. There were so many ideas teachers wanted to hear more about we now have enough volunteer presenters to run the weekly #15MinForum for the next half term, and more! Continue reading “#15MinForum Lunches”

Contrasts of Snow Days to Haze Days

Kuala Lumpur is different to Portsmouth. Some areas of KL make Portsmouth look pretty; the walk along the “muddy estuary” (this is what Kuala Lumpur means) makes the walk down Southsea seafront look spotless; some of the high-rise blocks on the verge of the eight-lane chaotic highway make all areas of Portsmouth look appealing! Continue reading “Contrasts of Snow Days to Haze Days”

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