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My 2018 Pledge

2018 is all about getting fit for forty! Everyone I know who has already reached this age or, like me, is close to hitting this landmark feels the same – we still feel like 25 years old and wonder how this is happening already. Continue reading “My 2018 Pledge”

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Sport for mind and body

Sports Day brings everyone together, win or lose, lessons are learned and experiences are shared, memories made and records broken. A successful school Sports Day will bring students, staff and parents together as everyone takes part in some way to make it such a memorable day.  Continue reading “Sport for mind and body”

Sixth Form – how we increased our numbers

A record number of our year 11 students signed up to our sixth form this September. Not only that, we’ve also attracted students from outside to come and study our A Level programme. Continue reading “Sixth Form – how we increased our numbers”

The Power of Transparency in Schools

This has been one of the most positive weeks since the start of the school year but there were a few moves that might have backfired. 
Continue reading “The Power of Transparency in Schools”

Your wellbeing

Wellbeing continues to be a hot topic in 2017: work demands are high and so to are the number of teachers leaving the profession. What pledge will you make for yourself to maintain or improve your work-life balance?  Continue reading “Your wellbeing”

How to make a memorable end of term assembly for all: 

How do you engage a five year old while delivering a thought provoking message to an eighteen year old at the same time? How do you deliver a Christmas assembly even though not all your students celebrate Christmas?  Continue reading “How to make a memorable end of term assembly for all: “

Ten days as a new Head Teacher

Not one to say no to an opportunity in my personal and my professional career, I took on my first Headship in a new school two weeks ago.  Continue reading “Ten days as a new Head Teacher”

Do international schools value quality teaching and learning?

The last day of the academic year and the last day at my second international school – it’s always the same – you’re wrapping up the year, clearing your office, delivering lessons, assemblies, planning for September and so on…you think you are in control and then boom! The final hour is here! Continue reading “Do international schools value quality teaching and learning?”

One of my most important teaching strategies – smiling!

Within seconds of getting out of my car I’ve smiled and said “good morning” to a colleague, by the time I’ve walked to my office at 07:00 I’ve smiled and spoken with three early bird students.  Continue reading “One of my most important teaching strategies – smiling!”

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